About Us

Kevin Prince - QuickPatents.comInventors Update is the communications blog for QuickPatents clients. QuickPatents was founded by Registered Patent Agent Kevin Prince to meet the needs of those needing to file patent applications, for whatever reason, quickly. Kevin is an engineer (UC Berkeley, 1988), author of The Art of the Patent, inventor, and co-founder of Inventor’s Forum in 1990, a non-profit inventors assistance group in Orange County, CA. The holder of three patents himself (CD Snaps, Data Glove and Sleeve Saver), Kevin has had multiple successes in business, most notable selling his portable computer accessories business to a public company in 2000. He is also the past president of Grid Art, which manufactures a unique line of art supplies that can “turn anyone into an artist.” GridArt products have been featured on QVC, and have been sold in at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and various catalogs.

Kevin conducts dozens of patent searches per month, and produces patent applications and formal patent drawings for his clients. With several engineers and patent drafters on-hand, QuickPatents excels at quickly and inexpensively writing your relatively simple mechanical and electrical utility patent applications and design patent applications.

We refer more complex biochemical, pharmaceutical, advanced medical, plant, or highly-specialized and complicated patents to larger law firms that have Ph.D.’s on-staff familiar with your technology. While we are excellent generalists and fully capable of handling a wide variety of different technological areas, as our sample patents illustrate, we would not want to tackle projects that require deep, specialized knowledge in a narrow and perhaps obscure field. Further, even simple patents are difficult to write quickly, so complex patent applications may take too long to be able to meet your time requirements. To learn more about our philosophy and the types of patent cases we’ll accept, please read our further discussion about the level of risk involved with your invention, and what that means for you in terms of who you should and should not use for your Intellectual Property services.