Let’s Talk Licensing – Full Interview with Stephen Key

Join QuickPatents’ owner Kevin Prince and product licensing guru Steven Key as they discuss all things licensing in this 45-minute interview, including: How to get a licensing deal Whether or not licensing agents are worth your time How to find Continue reading Let’s Talk Licensing – Full Interview with Stephen Key

Inventor’s Black Book (.com)

[If you received a blank email yesterday, my apologies… here’s the actual update…] As an inventor you no-doubt realize the need for a wide range of services to help you get your product launched, from prototype makers, marketing experts, financing sources, and of Continue reading Inventor’s Black Book (.com)

Product Hunts

EdisonNation (http://www.edisonnation.com/) is sponsoring a couple of product hunts that you might find interesting… 1. The next cat innovation… see www.edisonnation.com/live_product_searches/EN240. 2. Nautilus is looking for the next big idea in home fitness… see www.edisonnation.com/live_product_searches/NA239.