Inventor’s Black Book (.com)

[If you received a blank email yesterday, my apologies… here’s the actual update…]

site_logo_a539752e2bAs an inventor you no-doubt realize the need for a wide range of services to help you get your product launched, from prototype makers, marketing experts, financing sources, and of course patent work.  Over the years I’ve had many companies ask me to refer them to my clients, and many of these companies are truly valuable service providers, so I finally figured-out a practical way of doing that….

This is a “directory website,” which is a big list of different resources for inventors, listed by category such as Funding SourcesMarketingSales & Sales RepsInventor EducationTrademarksLicensingManufacturing and Prototypes, etc.  Please check it out… who knows?  Maybe you’ll find the right vendor for your particular needs at the moment?

Currently the site has 214 links, but we need more!  So I’m reaching out to you… as an inventor you probably have worked with people and companies that you like, and so I invite you to let them know about Inventor’s Black Book.  It’s free for them to list their company… I don’t make money off of this site (only a few people have ever inquired about buying “featured listings” for $10/mo, and that’s not why I’m doing this anyway).

Also, it does take time to maintain this directory and keep links updated… if you find a broken link, please click on the red stop-sign “broken link” icon so the system will let me know.  And, if you run across a particular service and have a valid complaint against them, let me know and I’ll consider whether to keep them listed or not.  I don’t want to inadvertently send people to “the bad guys.”  Having said that, I cannot vouch for any of the sites listed, so use your basic business sense when dealing with these or any other service providers.

One of my goals with QuickPatents is to help you get connected to the right partners and vendors to make your product a success… hopefully this is a big step in that direction.

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