My Latest Kickstarter Project: Art of the Patent Playing Cards

Art of the Patent – Playing Cards

As a client or a former client of QuickPatents, can I ask a favor of you? As you may know, several years ago I wrote the coffee table art book The Art of the Patent, which was originally a Kickstarter project and is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, and other book sites.  I was recently inspired to run another Kickstarter campaign for playing card decks featuring one invention or inventor on each card, with some of the patents from my book.  You can see this new Kickstarter campaign here:

There will be four decks of cards with different themes.  The Blue Deck features patent illustrations from my book.  The Red Deck features illustrations from the most famous and recognizable patents of all time.  Think the Model-T Ford, the lightbulb, the Slinky, etc.  If we get to our first “stretch goal” of $15,000 in pledges, we’ll unlock the Green Deck, which has all sorts of fun amusement park inventions such as roller coasters, carnival fun-houses, etc.  Finally, if we get to our 2nd stretch goal of $20,000 in funding, we’ll unlock the Purple Deck, which features vehicles.  Basically, anything that moves you, from cars, planes, trains, monorails, etc.

I would sure appreciate your help in two ways on this… first, please participate if you think this is an interesting project and you’d like to have one or more of these playing card decks.  Second, if you know anyone technical who is interested in patents or new inventions, they might appreciate knowing about this Kickstarter campaign… can you spread the word any way that you can?

The campaign is already doing well, and is over 30% funded after just 24 hours.  The funding goal is $5,000 and represents a break-even point. But we don’t want to stop there… lots of backers want to see the Green Deck and Purple Deck unlocked, so we have a ways to go and need your help.  As always, I’ll post a follow-up article on this campaign with what I’ve learned.  This time I’ve got some marketing help and am not “going it alone,” so there will be some good contacts in my follow-up article in the event you ever want to run a crowd funding campaign for one of your inventions or products.

Thanks for any support!


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