PTO Announces Patent Application Alert Service, and HR 9 needs a response!

Through a partnership with Reed Technology and Information Services, the US Patent & Trademark Office (PTO) today announced the release of the Patent Application Alert Service. This system provides customized email alerts to the public for free when patent applications of interest are published. Additionally, the system offers direct access to the published applications that meet your search criteria.  So, for example, if you want to know about all new patent applications that are published that have particular key words in their title or abstract, you can set-up an alert that will email you a link to any such new application.  This is good for ongoing competitive research, clearly.

After receipt of these customized, email alerts, the public may identify prior art for “pre-issuance” submission into these applications. The pre-issuance submission process was established under the America Invents Act (AIA), and to date, the agency has received more than 2,600 submissions across all technologies. More information on the pre-issuance submission program and how members of the public can participate can be found here.

The idea for the patent application alert service came from a public roundtable held at the USPTO in April 2014 where input was solicited regarding the use of crowdsourcing and pre-issuance submissions to identify relevant prior art. This new service is a direct result of continued PTO stakeholder engagement and that it may be used to enhance the quality of examination and issued patents.

Source: Patent Application Alert Service – Home

HR 9 — Bad Bill for Inventors

From Stephen Key: A piece of legislature (H.R. 9) aimed at addressing the problem of patent trolls is currently being debated in Congress. Unfortunately, although patent trolls are an issue, we do not support this bill the way it is currently written because we believe it weakens independent inventors’ ability to defend their patent rights.

We invite you to learn about and sign this petition ( to help us stand together in opposition to H.R. 9. As you will see, many of the leaders in the inventing community have added their signatures. Help us send Congress a message.

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