Video Testimonials

As a former or current client of QuickPatents, we could use your help on our planned testimonials page on our website.  If you’re willing to give us either a text or video testimonial, please go to and let everyone else know how you benefited from having a patent, or even just a patent pending.  It’s easy to do with your webcam or phone.

We are firm believers in the power of video on your website.  At least for our business, it helps potential clients get to know me even before they call for the first time.  We’ve had video on our website since 2005, when we opened, and I am happy to give you any information I have about how to add video and what your messaging should say.  I have a great local “video guy” who is a master at sound (arguably the most difficult part of video), and you might be able to find good local resources for this yourself (I like using Craigslist to find wedding videographers who are otherwise not busy during the week).  Anyway, I’m happy to help if you’ve got a question in this regard and as a “thank you” for letting others know about your experience with QuickPatents.

Thank you!

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